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Currie Tech E-BikesWe are a developer and distributor of high-performance, hybrid electric bicycles and electric powered scooters. Our objective is to provide the most cost effective choices in emission-free alternatives for neighborhood transportation, commuting to work or school, sport and fitness, or just plain recreational fun.

All of our IZIP™ hybrid electric bicycles and eZip™ scooters and bicycles are powered by our patented Currie Electro-Drive® technology, offering the high performance you desire in an energy efficient and environmentally friendly, electric vehicle package. Created with cutting-edge technology, superior design, and high quality components and materials, our electric bikes and scooters are easily set apart from the competition.

Since Currie's electric bikes and scooters are powered by either SLA or lithium-ion batteries, they are not only extremely economical, but safe and environmentally friendly. Commuters save time and money by avoiding traffic jams and arriving fresh to their destination without the need of a shower. And with the time you will save, you will enjoy increased productivity as well. It is easy to see why electric bike and scooter sales have been growing rapidly in recent years.
IZIP Electric Bikes

IZIP and eZip e-bikes and e-scooters are built to last. Our products feature superior acceleration, torque and handling, and are held to the highest quality control standards in the industry today. You can ride confidently knowing our hybrid bikes and scooters will enable you to enjoy years of reliable service with the proper care and maintenance.

Please browse our website to learn more about the unique features of IZIP and eZip bicycles and scooters. View the
detailed photographs and compare the features, such as the speed, range and recommended use to help select the electric bicycle or electric scooter that best fits your needs.

Once you find an electric bicycle or scooter, you can find a local dealer in your area using our dealer locator; or if you prefer, shop online for your bike, scooter, parts and accessories. In addition to hybrid electric bicycles and electric scooters, we also offer e-bike conversion kits for transforming a standard bike into an electric bicycle. And if you have any questions, browse the support section of our website or call our dedicated team of customer service agents at 1-877-CTI-BIKE.