Choose IZIP Electric Bikes

IZIP Electric BikesIZIP™ electric bikes are changing the way people move. As Currie Technologies® premium line of electric bicycles, IZIP offers cyclists a fun, safe, and reliable ride. Here’s why more people are turning to IZIP for their e-bike needs:

High Quality Components and Materials

 All our IZIP electric bikes are made from light, sturdy aluminum frames, allowing for greater ease of transportation. Combined with quiet and efficient hub motors, our IZIP line of premium electric bicycles are some of the most sleek and streamlined electric hybrid bicycles on the market today.

IZIP hybrid electric bikes are equipped with one of our three technologies: Currie Electro-Drive® PAS/TAG, PAS/TAG+, or Evo-Drive™, giving you more ways to get moving.

The PAS/TAG switch allows the rider to choose between enhancing normal pedaling in the power-assist mode or simply using the “Twist and Go” throttle to add motor power your bicycle.

The PAS/TAG+ detects the rider’s cycling cadence, adjusting the motor power to match for optimal range per battery charge. To rely only on electric power, simply use the “Twist and Go” throttle.

Found only in the IZIP Express Special Edition, Evo-Drive™ uses state-of-the-art electronics to blend human power with electric for optimal and selectable performance levels. Riders can choose from 5 levels to extend the range, max the power or choose points in between, riding up to 50 miles per battery charge while on the maximum economy range.

Our hybrid electric bicycles come with high quality batteries that are built to last for years and take only pennies to recharge. Choose between our affordable SLA battery pack and the lighter and longer-lasting Li-Ion batteries. Built to weigh less, recharge more quickly and offer more lifetime recharge cycles, the Li-Ion batteries represent the best in current technology. With different batteries to choose from, our IZIP electric bikes are not only powerful and durable, but will also save you money … especially at the gas pump!

Go Faster & FartherIZIP Electric Bicycles

IZIP electric bikes flatten hills and cut commute times. With hybrid electric bicycles ranging from the IZIP E3 Vibe’s 250W motor to the Express’ high-torque 700W motor, our electric bikes can reach top speeds of up to 20 mph. Get to your destination in time and without breaking a sweat with help from an IZIP.

A Wide Selection to Choose From

In comparison to other companies, IZIP offers a wider variety of E-Bikes - there is a bike for everyone. With 6 different models in a range of colors and styles, as well as great battery options, we offer more ways to find the right electric bike to fit YOUR needs.

Made by the Electric Bike Industry Leader

Currie Technologies, an Accell Group Company, is the largest and longest operating E-Bike company in North America. Our electric bicycles feature exclusive designs and engineering, and are designed, manufactured and distributed by the most experienced team in the industry. Ride confidently knowing that all our E-Bikes are subjected to multiple quality assurance checks and backed by a nation-wide network of certified dealers.

Quality Service and Support

All IZIP electric bicycles come with industry leading warranty, service, and support provided through an extensive dealer network, online resources, and a fully staffed tech support team. We care about our customers and strive to make every electric bike experience memorable and lasting. Our dedicated customer service team is here to answer any questions. For more information regarding customer support, click here. 

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