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About Currie Tech™

Currie Technologies® is renowned for its large selection of stylish, premium quality, and technologically advanced electric bicycles. Founded in 1997, Currie Tech™ is one of the oldest and most established US developers and distributors of eBikes. Backed by a network of dealers nationwide, Currie Tech™ offers a selection of electric bike models that meets every rider's need for cost-effective transportation alternatives, recreation, exercise, and just plain fun!

In 2012 the European eBike market leader, Accell Group N.V., acquired Currie Tech™ Electric Bikes, and has been instrumental in its significant development in recent years. As part of the Accell North America eBike division, Currie Tech™ has had the opportunity to work with brands such as IZIP, Raleigh, eFlow, Haibike, Diamondback, LaPierre, and Yuba. For example, Currie Tech™ has recently teamed up with Yuba Bicycles® to launch the "Spicy Curry", a powerful cargo eBike designed to spice up American mobility, and enable car-free living.

Currie Technologies® brings to the market a wide range of electric bicycles. From entry-level basic bikes to their top of the line performance models, all Currie Tech™’s bicycles use the latest, state-of-the-art technology. We offer many different styles, including commuter, trail, and leisure eBikes, so you're sure to find the perfect eBike for you!

Our Promise

We promise that an eBike will bring a smile to your day, even during a daily commute.

Our Mission

Our mission is to get people to fall back in love with riding their bicycles, and at a reasonable price!

Our Motto

Life is better with an eBike. Check out the tag #betterwithanebike to see for yourself!


What people have to say about the eBikes:

"Very much fun to use, well built, looks good, and works for everybody in the family."

"Very smooth, very quiet, definitely a must-try for anyone."
-Electric Bike Review

"I purchased this for my wife and she loves it. She never has a problem getting up a hill."

"Currie Technologies' IZIP E3 Peak may have converted me into a cyclist."
-Cult of Mac

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