Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision
Company Mission

Currie Technologies' ambition is to be a trendsetter in the field of product development, sales and marketing of sustainable consumer goods for short-distance mobility and active recreation, while providing products that allow consumers to rediscover the fun of riding a bicycle.

In doing so, Currie aims to achieve the following:

A stimulating environment for its employees;

A pro-active response to sustainable trends (such as exercise, healthier living and mobility alternatives);

A healthy and sustainable return for its shareholders.

Company Vision & Strategy

In practical terms, this mission translates into the following vision and strategic premises:

Creating innovative and distinctive products and services that appeal to consumers;

Positioning, promoting and further developing the market and our brands to offer the consumer the most complete range of options possible;

Developing and supporting the professional retail trade in their sales to consumers;

Organic volume growth by increasing the market share of our brands and the realization of revenue growth through the introduction of desirable, innovative, high-value and superior quality products, by making a significant investment in Marketing and R&D;

Gaining complementary business through market opportunities to realize further growth;

Utilizing the synergies of the companies within the Accell Group;

Investing in the skill and know-how of our employees;

Operating with the greatest possible consideration for people and the environment.