Getting More People on Bikes

Getting More People on BikesCurrie Technologies® is getting more people back on bikes with our IZIP™ and eZip™ electric bicycles. With the ease of our hybrid electric technology, take advantage of the positive aspects riding an e-bike can offer. Learn how cycling even a few short miles can offer recreational fun, cut your costs, save you time, and help you stay healthy and physically active. What type of cyclist do YOU plan to be?



The Recreational Cyclist

Harken back to the time when bikes were fun by going electric. Electric bikes take the "work" out of biking, making it an enjoyable way to exercise, cruise along with friends or feel the wind blow through your hair. Ride on a Currie electric bike, and get all the enjoyment with none of the potential pain of a regular bike.

The Fun-Loving Cyclist

With an electric bicycle, you don’t have to dread large hills anymore. Currie Tech’s e-bikes make it fun to conquer hills, speed through headwinds, and cruise long distances. Ride a Currie Tech electric bicycle, and say hello to the happier and healthier you!

The Time Saving Cyclist

Did you know most trips and errands around town fall within a two mile radius*? With Currie Tech Electro Drive® technologies, you can easily and efficiently cruise for miles around town before recharging the battery. Save time on your commute, breeze past auto traffic and eliminate the hassle of finding a parking spot.

The Cost Saving Cyclist

 Riding electric can also drastically cut your cost of commuting. The most recent statistics reported by the US Energy Information Administration show that the national average cost of gasoline is over $3.70**. In comparison, the average cost to charge a Currie Tech battery is less than 3 cents per charge.

IZIP and eZip e-bikes are also made with durable, premium quality components, and come with industry leading warranties and support. You will save money knowing your bike was built to last.

The Multi-Tasking Cyclist

 We know that with how busy life can get, your personal health might be put on the back burner. Bicycling is the perfect solution for the multi-tasking individual who wishes to tackle their “to-do” list while getting in some exercise. Statistics show that people new to bicycling can expect to lose up to 13 pounds their first year***.

With the power of electric, you don’t have to worry about being sore and exhausted after your bike ride. Currie Tech’s Electro-Drive PAS/TAG technology offers you the option to pedal with power assistance (PAS) or, when you are tired or get to a steep hill, use the throttle to “Twist and Go” (TAG). Not only will you complete more items on your checklist, the endorphins released while riding will make you feel overall happier.

The Environmentally Friendly Cyclist

 Bicycling is a great way to become more environmentally friendly and an easy way to decrease your carbon footprint. When you use a Currie Tech electric bicycle, you will help decrease air and water pollution associated with gas-powered vehicles while still arriving at your destination on time.

Going green has many other benefits as well. A quick search will show that many cities are now endorsing electric powered transportation, with some even installing electric charging stations in public areas.

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